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Jul 10

Horse Buying Tips

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Here’s an article about choosing a horse to buy that might be helpful to you. Specifically it has to do with eventing horses, but the advice is applicable to many types of horse shopping. Decide what’s most important in a horse for you. In the case of eventing, strong straight legs and good feet, and what the author calls natural grace in your horse. Also, a good tip is to view the horse without its saddle.

What kind of training has the horse had, and in what type of environment? Is the level of the horse a good match to the rider? But please call Derek Freeman at 713-416-7792 to get help with your questions before buying your horse. His many years of experience, and helpful attitude may prove to be enormously valuable to you before you purchase your new horse. Here’s the article:

Eventing Horses for Sale – Diligent Performers

As much as a dealer may want you to believe that a horse is perfect, there simply is no such thing. Keep your expectations high, but also realistic. Like everything, there is a balance of pros and cons. Be prepared with the knowledge of what is the most important. That will help decide which direction the scale tips. Also, when searching for eventing horses for sale, it is important to know what you are looking for in terms of experience. If you can key into what is going to be the best horse for you, he will be far easier to find. Do you want a youthful prospect or a seasoned professional? You will not find what you are looking for if you don’t even know what it is. Lack of preparation and focus will not open your options to selection, but your options for failure.

Eventing horses have to stand up to a lot. Endurance and strength is a key quality that is needed for this type of horse. Viewing an event horse without his saddle is important to fully assess his physical structure. Important physical features to look for in a potential eventing horse include a great neck, strong and straight legs, and good feet. Physical abilities are obvious important features, but also pay close attention to the horses subtle ability, and the swing in movement. Natural grace cannot be trained, and this trait will set the best horses apart from the others for sale.

Young horses need to be taught the basics and have proper training and care. This safeguards against developing bad habits and prepares the young horse for a successful future. Eventing horses for sale will be advertised for many attributes, but ensuring they came from a good environment is essential. Over-worked and over-trained horses will come with a variety of problems that range from temperament to health issues. No matter the age of the horse, know where he comes from because that is the foundation of the horse he will, or has become.

There are many different levels of event horses, and they are best matched to the level of the rider. Finding a suitable partnership is a main ingredient for success. When choosing amongst eventing horses for sale, the rider should be a major influence on the decision.

Like all major purchases, your investment can only be protected by you. Follow all of the general rules of horse buying, and leave no areas unchecked. Horses for sale are like all others in terms of what to look out for. However, eventing horses have additional physical and training requirements that you must be sure of.

Daniel Baker is the author of this article about eventing horses for sale for more information visit Retreat Farm Stud

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Jun 14

Horses for sale in Katy Texas

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Freeman Ranch and Stables has Horses for Sale in Katy Texas

Derek Freeman, owner/founder of Freeman Ranch and Stables is a trusted rancher who not only has horses for sale and lease, (ranch horses, and show horses), but is the type of expert you should talk to before you make your decision about what horse to buy.

In addition to horses he has at the ranch, he is well acquainted with many of the best trainers and riders in the area, and knows how to find the horse you want.

Are you looking for a Show Jumper, a ranch horse, or one to be used for leisurely riding? There are many factors to keep in mind in terms of the horse’s size, experience, age and health.

Call Derek Freeman at 713.416.7792 to find the right horse!